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I'm here for you

I'm Krystal Paige 

I'm a Certified Health & Wellness Coach specializing in STRESS MANAGEMENT and EMOTIONAL FITNESS for busy executives and entrepreneurs. 

I'm devoted to helping you create the life + career of your dreams, from the soul up.  

I want you to know that stress, negative self-talk, cognitive distortions, and your own limiting belief systems are the only things in the way of you living your best life and enjoying the life of your dreams.  

To help you transform your emotional health, your life, and your career into the fulfilling feel-good experience you've always wished for

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Want to Know More?

Fun Fact: Krystal Paige means "Clear Assistant."  

Are you looking for someone to professionally assist you in assessing your life, dreams, and emotional health? If so, you need Krystal Paige. I can help strategize with you to transform your life from where you are to where you want to be. 

My background is originally in the performing arts; then I went to Howard University to major in Radio, Television, and Film Production. I went on to earn a Master's in Arts Management. While studying for my Masters, I opened a production company. As a Producer, my specialty was visual storytelling. I produced everything from TV Commercials, Films, and YouTube series'. I became a serial entrepreneur with several businesses. 

After a heartbreaking death in my family, I struggled to find ways to cope. My businesses shrunk and then sunk. I began to spiral. I went through severe depression and struggled with social anxiety. Unknowingly, I started blowing up my life through self-sabotage, toxic relationships, and poor business decisions. This spiral continued until two nervous breakdowns rocked my world and almost cost me my life


Like you probably have, I have seen my share of dark days. 


After this dark period, I found the power of prayer, meditation, healthy foods and nutrition, sleep hygiene, and mindfulness practices. I started to rebuild my life, not on the things I thought mattered to my peers, but on the values that mattered to me.

That is when I met Hay House Author Jenifer Grace and the Creative Insight Journey course, now known as, The Clarity Catalyst. This coach and course helped transform my life. 

It's a course originally from Stanford University called Creativity in Business. It teaches life-skills that no one taught us. It has got me and thousands of others clear on their life's journey, purpose, and direction. This course is the missing piece we never got in our formal education. We never learned how to thrive. We only knew how to survive. We never learned how to create enjoyable lives. Instead, we learned comparison, competition and that ultimately stifles our creativity

"I've had my share of confusing days where you're wondering how did I even get here-- in this job, in this relationship, in this business, in this company."

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After this class, I started to use the creative process and practices I learned through TV Production could be applied to "re-write my life." So I got to work writing, visualizing, and taking action on what I wanted in my life. I wanted sheer joy, peace and freedom.

And then the most amazing thing happened. I popped! I became a Certified Coach  with Jennifer Grace and became a Resident Life Coach at The Standard Spa Miami Beach. My career was becoming solid, I was feeling joy, peace, and freedom doing exactly what I love to do-- serving and helping entrepreneurs and executives live out their dreams. 

I decided to move to Jamaica to work on a legacy project for a family business and do nonprofit work in rural communities. My life utterly transformed after following my heart and moving to the Caribbean. 

Now, I have a home in Jamaica and one in South Florida. I work from anywhere via a high-speed internet connection to coach and consult with executives and entrepreneurs to help them get clear on their lives, careers, and emotional fitness. 

I'm living my dream life. Let me help you, get yours. 


Now, I've founded Krystal Paige Creative Wellness to systemize entrepreneurs and executives' training about creative practices that will improve their Stress Management and Emotional Wellness and potentially improve every area of their lives.  

Creative Wellness can help you...

  • de-stress, relax and recenter onto your life's purpose 

  • find new possibilities, no matter the challenge or roadblock

  • uncover tools to access your own ideas and creative abilities

  • create healthy, stress-free relationships with loved ones, time and money 

  • find confidence in your unique gifts, skills, and talents 

  • shift your perspective regarding your stressors and life challenges

  • learn how to manage and navigate stress, anxiety, and negative thinking patterns

  • re-envision and re-engineer your life, health, and career 

Krystal Paige provides multi-passionate business leaders and creative entrepreneurs with a framework to build clarity, certainty, and confidence. Get a proven framework for clarity, security, confidence and belief in oneself, one’s own journey, intuition and life’s purpose.

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 One-on-One Executive Coaching

Enjoy personalized one-on-one executive coaching tailored to your needs. Sessions include discovery and exploration of your life experience, all the factors causing you stress. Then we apply proven tools and techniques, develop an action plan and accountability partnership that will get you to your goals. 

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Professional Group Courses

Get the Clarity Catalyst Course Live or Online Class. This course was developed at Stanford University by Dr. Michael Ray to get linear thinking MBA students out of their own heads and into their instincts, through creativity. Personal Creativity in Business incorporates 60 different experiential exercises and tools over the course of 8-weeks.

Corporate Training.png

Empower your leadership team with group classes, Lunch-N-Learns, and Wellness Workshops centered on mindfulness and stress management and alleviation techniques for executives/senior management in the work place. Ask about our Organizational Development Consultation, Culture Catalyst, and Transformational Training packages.  

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Accountability Incubator

Launch that business or new dream project in our accountability incubator program for creative entrepreneurs. Create community, learn startup tools to launch businesses and creative projects.  It’s a safe container to commit and follow through with entrepreneurial activities. 

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Speaking & Seminars

Enjoy inspirational speeches on the importance of mindfulness, meditation, personal development, mindful businesses, entrepreneurship, stress and wellness. Inquire about topics! we're happy to write a speech custom to your event’s needs.  

Recieve transformational experiences, meditation recordings, events and retreats to bring about clarity, brilliance, focus, peace, and joy. 


Corporate Trainings

Retreats, Events & Recordings

 One-on-Ones, Small Groups, Events, Retreats, Courses and Talks are where the magic happens.


No matter where I am in life, I am always being creative and assisting with start-up businesses, providing support and hope to professionals and visionaries. Empowering, inspiring them to get clear, get confident, get to creating the life they love. 

The goal of my life's work is for entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate climbers and executives to be empowered so that it transforms their lives, their family's lives, and by extension, the lives of their communities. 

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