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You belong here. The world needs what you have to offer. You owe it to yourself to get clear, confident, and courageous enough to ‘Kill-It” on every level in your life!

You can show up new, fresh and supercharged.

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Hi Love, I am glad you are here.

If you are seeking clarity on your health journey, in business, in your career, or in your life; you’ve come to the right place. Clarity brings vision, vision creates understanding, understanding creates power, power can steam a locomotive or fuel rocket to the moon.


Power is everything. Get clear, get your power on


Creative Wellness

Creativity has a powerful impact on health and well-being. The physiological, cognitive, social, emotional, and spiritual processes that underlie a creative act can foster feelings of connectedness, vitality, and a renewed sense of well-being.The National Wellness Institute defines wellness as an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence. Krystal Paige Creative Wellnesssets out to help clients accomplish improved states of wellness through creative practices.

Creative Thoughts

Through Creative Health and Wellness practices, one-on-one sessions, group classes and Accountability Accelerator groups, we can help you build the life and career you’ve been dreaming of.

You are a corporate climber, a go getter, a business owner, a director, a CEO, add to that a parent and support system for your family. You are the powerhouse powering, nurturing, providing for and supporting so much. Your home, your work, your business, that is a lot. Who is supporting you and how are you supporting yourself?

This is where Creative Wellness coaching can come in to support you with creative wellness practices that will get you clear and in a place of trust and confidence.  It’s time to get the support you need to move your life forward now


Here’s how we can work together to get you clear on your health, life and career, from the soul up.

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Krystal Paige provides multi-passionate business leaders and creative entrepreneurs with a framework to build clarity, certainty, and confidence. Get a proven framework for clarity, security, confidence and belief in oneself, one’s own journey, intuition and life’s purpose.

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 One-on-One Executive Coaching

Enjoy personalized one-on-one executive coaching tailored to your needs. Sessions include discovery and exploration of your life experience, all the factors causing you stress. Then we apply proven tools and techniques, develop an action plan and accountability partnership that will get you to your goals. 

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Professional Group Courses

Get the Clarity Catalyst Course Live or Online Class. This course was developed at Stanford University by Dr. Michael Ray to get linear thinking MBA students out of their own heads and into their instincts, through creativity. Personal Creativity in Business incorporates 60 different experiential exercises and tools over the course of 8-weeks.

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Empower your leadership team with group classes, Lunch-N-Learns, and Wellness Workshops centered on mindfulness and stress management and alleviation techniques for executives/senior management in the work place. Ask about our Organizational Development Consultation, Culture Catalyst, and Transformational Training packages.  

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Accountability Incubator

Launch that business or new dream project in our accountability incubator program for creative entrepreneurs. Create community, learn startup tools to launch businesses and creative projects.  It’s a safe container to commit and follow through with entrepreneurial activities. 

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Speaking & Seminars

Enjoy inspirational speeches on the importance of mindfulness, meditation, personal development, mindful businesses, entrepreneurship, stress and wellness. Inquire about topics! we're happy to write a speech custom to your event’s needs.  

Recieve transformational experiences, meditation recordings, events and retreats to bring about clarity, brilliance, focus, peace, and joy. 


Corporate Trainings

Retreats, Events & Recordings

 One-on-Ones, Small Groups, Events, Retreats, Courses and Talks are where the magic happens.

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