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Krystal Paige Creative Wellness

is partnering with Best Life Retreat

to put on a transformational 6-Day

Women’s Empowerment Retreat in Negril, Jamaica

from March 2nd, 2023 until March 7th, 2023.

Image by Eric Muhr

The theme for this retreat is:




So many of us as professional women put so much on our plates, the pressure of “holding it all together” can be immense. It’s time for a release.


It’s time for you to make space for yourself- “Rest. Reset. Reconnect.”


Pause and reimagine who you are becoming. Have you taken the time to love on and reconnect with yourself?  Let’s find the best possible version of your future-self and bring her to life! 

At this retreat you will get 6-full days to reconnect to yourself, your intentions, your mind, body and soul in nature and in a community that will hold you high in support of your inner transformation.  

Some highlights from what you can expect:

  • Daily sessions on meditation, Kehmetic yoga, womb health education, sacred movement, exploration of ancestral connections, and breathwork.

  • 4 Transformational group trainings from a certified coach and corporate trainer on the art of success, clarity, and confidence. 

  • Plenty of downtime, rest, and relaxation on the beach, in the hills, and at cool local venues is also programmed into each day.

  • Instructors who will deliver content once a day for 4 days. The program offers a total of 4.5 hours of instructor-led content each day for a total of 18 hours of content during retreat.

  • A luxury bohemian beach front accommodation.

  • A retreat service team to support you in your rest, reset and reconnect experience.  

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Rest. Reset. Reconnect. Women’s Empowerment Retreat 

Negril, Jamaica, W.I. 

March 2nd, 2023 – March 7th, 2023

You need this, Queen... This magical and mystical retreat experience will be held at 3 incredible seaside and beachfront properties: The refreshing, rural OSR beachfront light-tower property, where we will overlook the Atlantic as we do our programs and training; the luxurious private Yrie Beach Villa on the famous 7-mile beach, and Jackie's on the Reef on the seaside cliffs in Negril, Jamaica where you will have plenty of time to discover, relax and transform amidst the breathtaking views of this unique and inspiring properties. 


During this extraordinary experience of a lifetime, each day will begin with a grounding foundation of movement and meditation as we greet the rising sun. Then explore self-realization through transformative workshops designed to awaken, inspire and help you realize your purpose and vision for 2023

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On the first evening we will have a very special “Welcome Release Ceremony” to unblock anything that may need to be released from 2022 or the start of the year, before embarking on this powerful transformative journey into 2023. A sacred cacao drink will be served for opening hearts and minds to open our journey together. 

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Each day of the retreat you will have activities to enhance your mind-body-spirit connection  through meditation, yoga, body movement, and breathwork.

By moving our bodies we help to move and clear stagnant energy that blocks our ability to see the possibilities and opportunities for life enjoyment and career impact.  

Together, we will create a safe container to do to do the real “work” of self-reflection and self-exploration thru a transformational workshop-style leadership training. We will learn how to form habits and beliefs that energize rather than drain us, how to correct our voice of negative self talk, and how to maintain an unshakable level of trust and confidence no matter what through a state of the art leadership methodology. 

Our “Rest. Reset. Reconnect” Journey would not be complete with out “reconnecting” to our altruism by giving-back to the local community.

We will have a day of service working at a local school to help with a vision care clinic put on by an International nonprofit organization, Cornerstone Jamaica. 

On our last evening together, we will have a “Reconnected & Restored Celebration” where you get to dress in your favorite, most exuberate expression of what it means to be your “Future Self Now.”

We will have dinner, bond fire on the beach, and a dance party to truly celebrate life. 

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Don’t worry, while this retreat will have a full program of activities, but we have left plenty of room for your own rest, self-reflection, and cultural excursions. 

In our hectic, time-starved world, it becomes even more important to step back and assess who you are and where you’re going.



on this amazing sacred and celebratory journey, one that has the capacity to bring you to a new place of connection, self-expression, and reinvention. 

Commit to your own personal development. Become the best version of your future self by joining this transformational retreat. 

*All retreat participants must interview to secure their spot.

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