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Learn the #1 skill every entrepreneur needs:
How to read and follow your intuition...

A Free Webinar on how to TRUST YOUR GUT: Cultivate and follow your intuition for unshakable confidence in your life decisions.

Hi, there! Is this you?

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner?

Are you successful but feel stuck or blocked from taking action in your career?

Are you always in fight or flight mode, playing defense with life?

Are you held back by uncertainty, fear, and self-doubt?

Are you caught in the busyness of life?

Do you want to feel successful and more fulfilled?

What if I told you that, most entrepreneurs deal with these feelings and that the #1 skill you need is to cultivate and follow your intuition for unshakable faith, mood management and to supercharge your creative superpowers?

At “Trust Your Gut,” a lively, informative, online event with Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Krystal Paige you will learn the 9 tools to cultivate your intuition for direction, inner peace, personal insights and life transformation.

Here's the deal...

Adulting sucks. Seriously.


Especially, if you own your own business.

Juggling responsibilities-- your business, your work, your home, your kids, your partner, your friends, your family, your health, your social media and your side hustle #multiplestreams, can be EXHAUSTING. #understatement.

Monday to Monday is like a marathon.


You work Monday thru Friday on business and you work Saturday and Sunday taking care of home--laundry and meal prep, family-- caring for your spouse/partner and kids, and being present for an active social calendar (dinners, brunches, weddings, funerals, baby showers, volunteering and events galore).

All this can feel like there’s nothing left for you. You just pour your whole self out onto your to-do list-- week in and week out. Showing up for everything. You are doing “all the things,” but what’s left for you?

Overwhelm, stress, fatigue, sh*tty moods, stress eating, and binge watching to escape reality.

If this is you, I’m here to help you overcome that overwhelm and step boldly into your life, refreshed and resilient!

Ambitious, multi-passionate, millennial entrepreneurs and professionals, often spread themselves too thin because while we were crushing it in college, at internships, extracurriculars, and at home, but no one ever taught us how to prioritize self care as a means of achieving fulfilling life goals.


So here we are..

Burnt out and feeling stuck with too much on our plates.

Imagine a newfound sense of peace, awareness, and tools to become the healthier version of yourself through mindful practices, self-care rituals, and cognitive-behavioral coaching.

At this online event, we will share what works for our clients and work together to cultivate health and peace that bring your mind, body, and soul into a powerful state of positivity and openness.

No more feeling like you’re running a never ending marathon! Finally, a moment for yourself.

Marble Surface

In this Complimentary Group Coaching Workshop 

  • Learn how to mindfully create your reality through practical awareness of your thoughts. You’ve heard that thoughts become things, and those things create your experience of reality.

  • Learn to build a solid meditation routine, so that you can energice and empower your inner world, in order to manifest the experience you want in your outer world.

  • Learn how to dump the thoughts out of your mind and sort them out, for clarity, free flowing consciousness, unproductive thinking, and brilliant, radiant ideas.

  • Learn how to pinpoint what areas of your life need improvement, where you are stuck and how you can take massive action toward improvement. (THIS TOOL IS A HUGE BONUS-That you can print out and use again and again. Your gift -FREE For joining live).

  • Learn how to set powerful intentions in a practical way you can use daily to manifest breakthroughs into the life, career, relationship, or transformation of your dreams.

  • Learn how to stop the voice of negative self talk and silence your inner critic so that you can go forth and accomplish the things you want.

  • Learn how to check yourself before you wreck yourself, with the self sabotage detector tool. No more getting in your own way!

  • Learn the powerful but simple goal setting framework that has helped 1,000’s of business professionals set realistic and achievable goals. We will be working through 1 of your goals in real time during this workshop!

  • Have a Powerful visualization meditation experience that will leave you speechless, empowered and blown-away for your potential future. Get ready to meet the future you.

  • Understand your body’s psychological response to stress and the implications of being under stress long-term.

  • Simple Tools to shift your mind to positive thoughts.

  • Learn tools to keep you steady in times of turmoil so that you can have a clear mind and make better decisions.

  • Answer Your Questions Live. This is not a pre-recorded training. Join us live this and we'll answer your questions throughout the web.

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