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Free Gift! 16 Negative Thinking Patterns That Keep You Playing Small

Download the Thought Map and Distortion Traps Workbook & Toolkit to learn about the 16 types of unproductive thinking that make you miserable and hold you back from achieving success

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I’m Krystal Paige

An Executive Coach and Certified Health & Wellness Coach passionate about empowering creative entrepreneurs and business professionals with practical life skills to alleviate stress and creative practices to improve their lives and careers.

My purpose is coaching and entrepreneurship. My mission is to help 10,000 multi-passionate creative entrepreneurs build purpose-driven lives full of clarity, confidence, and freedom. 

I’m devoted to helping you get clear, get creative, and find the confidence to build the life and career of your dreams, from the soul up.  

If you are ready to make a journey from where you are now, into a thriving, amazing career and life full of health that you absolutely love, then you are in the right place!


I help business leaders and creative entrepreneurs remove fear, doubt and uncertainty that is blocks them from achieving their goals. Let me help you create and develop the life and career you love and enjoy.

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How can I help you?

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Female Entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur looking for less stress, more organization, accountability and transformation in your life and business?

Business Consultation


In a Meeting

Are you a corporate professional struggling to balance it all or are you seeking corporate trainings and/or executive coaching for your organization?

Our Entrepreneurs are ready to Get Clear and Transform their lives and businesses

Personal Wellness Coaching:

  • One-on-One Personal Wellness Coaching

  • Group Coaching Course

  • Accountability and accelerators

  • Retreat, Event and Talks

Our Executives are ready to Get Clear and Creative in Business

Corporate Wellness Coaching:

  • Corporate Training

  • One-on-One Executive Coaching

  • Speaking & Seminar

  • Organizational development consulting (Culture Catalyst)

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The key to health is resilience. Let me help you to alleviate stress and access wellness solutions that unlock creative abilities to build and enjoy healthy, enjoyable life.

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About Krystal Paige

Krystal Paige is an American Council on Exercise Certified Health and Wellness Coach specializing in stress awareness, management, and alleviation techniques in entrepreneurs and executives. She helps multi-passionate millennials navigate the stress of everyday life, and guides them on a journey to self-discovery and breakthroughs in their personal life fulfillment, businesses and careers through spiritual and emotional health practices, scientifically proven to improve one's quality of life.  

She started her coaching career as Apprentice to Hay House Author, Jennifer Grace. Krystal is a certified Creative Insight Journey Catalyst Coach, a methodology based on Stanford University MBA course--  "Creativity in Business." Krystal splits time between her family homes in Kingston, Jamaica, and Hollywood, Florida. She does nonprofit work in health and education initiatives in Jamaica. She looks forward to starting a retreat company to blend her love of mindfulness, meditation, spa retreats, and stress relief practices, with her love of giving back to communities in need through “voluntourism” retreats. 

Krystal Paige provides multi-passionate business leaders and creative entrepreneurs with a framework to build clarity, certainty, and confidence. Get a proven framework for clarity, security, confidence and belief in oneself, one’s own journey, intuition and life’s purpose.

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 One-on-One Executive Coaching

Enjoy personalized one-on-one executive coaching tailored to your needs. Sessions include discovery and exploration of your life experience, all the factors causing you stress. Then we apply proven tools and techniques, develop an action plan and accountability partnership that will get you to your goals. 

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Professional Group Courses

Get the Clarity Catalyst Course Live or Online Class. This course was developed at Stanford University by Dr. Michael Ray to get linear thinking MBA students out of their own heads and into their instincts, through creativity. Personal Creativity in Business incorporates 60 different experiential exercises and tools over the course of 8-weeks.

Empower your leadership team with group classes, Lunch-N-Learns, and Wellness Workshops centered on mindfulness and stress management and alleviation techniques for executives/senior management in the work place. Ask about our Organizational Development Consultation, Culture Catalyst, and Transformational Training packages.  

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Accountability Incubator

Launch that business or new dream project in our accountability incubator program for creative entrepreneurs. Create community, learn startup tools to launch businesses and creative projects.  It’s a safe container to commit and follow through with entrepreneurial activities. 

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Speaking & Seminars

Enjoy inspirational speeches on the importance of mindfulness, meditation, personal development, mindful businesses, entrepreneurship, stress and wellness. Inquire about topics! we're happy to write a speech custom to your event’s needs.  

Recieve transformational experiences, meditation recordings, events and retreats to bring about clarity, brilliance, focus, peace, and joy. 


Corporate Trainings

Retreats, Events & Recordings

 One-on-Ones, Small Groups, Events, Retreats, Courses and Talks are where the magic happens.

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Let’s Keep In Touch


Grab a Free Gift

Take the STRESS Quiz

Are your thoughts producing stress? Take the thought Stress quiz?

 Learn the 16 Negative Thinking Patterns that cause stress with the Thought Map Distortion Traps (TMDT) Tool kit.

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TMDT Workbook 

Say Goodbye to feeling uncertain, stuck, and frustrated.

Step into confidence, clarity, creativity with Krystal Paige.

Book a Free Discovery call

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Complete the in-take form to book a complimentary discovery session with your very own Executive Coach who specializes in stress, clarity and creative solutions for your wellbeing.

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